The KBOX™ Family of Systems Management Appliances

Saves you time and money versus traditional computer management software solutions KACE's vision is to provide an appliance-based approach to systems management, to save time for systems administration professionals, while saving money for their companies. The KACE™ family of easy-to-use, comprehensive and affordable appliances fulfills all of the systems management needs of a medium enterprise, from initial computer deployment to ongoing management and retirement. KACE appliances are available as both physical and virtual appliances.

The Appliance Advantage

KACE appliances make efficient computer management and server management a reality by providing a low-cost alternative to computer management software using an appliance-based architecture. Simply plug the appliance into your network, give it an IP address and you are ready to begin managing all your desktops, laptops and servers. Unlike traditional computer management software, KACE appliances typically deploy in one day. And because KACE appliances are fully integrated and pre-configured, there are no hardware or software pre-requisites, no professional service fees and no hidden costs. It’s all in the appliance

KACE Appliances – Easy-to-Use

Built from the ground up to enable systems administrators of every level and background, KACE appliances are by far the easiest to use systems management solution available. From its simple plug and play architecture which virtually eliminates installation and maintenance, to its familiar web-like tabbed interface, KBOX is sure to transform your systems management generalist into a systems management guru, not in months or years, but days and weeks.

KACE Appliances – Comprehensive

KACE appliances pre-integrate and pre-configure all the functionality needed to solve your end-to-end systems management challenges. From initial OS deployment to software and hardware inventory and distribution, asset management, patch management, security, help desk and more, KBOX does it all.

KACE Appliances – Affordable

KACE appliance owners enjoy the lowest total cost compared to software alternatives. From plug and play deployment, to the ability to perform "one click" appliance software updates, and automated maintenance such as nightly backup, KACE appliances are designed to be both immediately productive as well as trouble-free for the long term, ultimately saving you the most time and money.

KBOX Benefits

  • Deploy in one day
  • Train in hours
  • Upgrade in minutes
  • One-third the cost of software alternatives
  • No hardware or software prerequisites
  • No professional service fees
  • Virtually no administration
  • All Scheduled Support Included

    All regular maintenance of the network is included in one flat price. Unlimited support specifically excludes: all project work, same day or after-hours requests for non-emergency services, and physical damage, caused by a client or natural disaster.

    Asset Inventory and License Tracking

    We will maintain a full inventory of all hardware and installed software, to better manage your resources. Licensed software is managed to ensure compliance.

    Automated Software Deployment

    Install software over the network automatically and consistently.

    Complete Network Monitoring and Response

    We ensure that we catch as many potential problems as possible before they occur, and to stop those that occur before they stop you from working. Response to these alerts is included.

    Daily Backup Verification

    We check on your backups to ensure they ran successfully, and take corrective action if they failed for any reason.

    Email Virus & Spam Protection

    The vast majority of exploits come via email, so this is the first line of defense. This service also mitigates the time wasted on spam.

    Emergency 24/7 Support Availability

    We are available for any business-critical needs, such as network or server outages.

    Full Imaging of Servers and Client Computers

    To complement your current backup, we provide a second tier of protection that safeguards servers and computers while substantially reducing the time to restore a failed system.

    Monthly Network Health Reporting

    We provide reports on how your network is running and an analysis of its overall health.

    No trip fee or minimum hours for onsite work:

    Everything is bundled in one monthly rate, so these charges never apply.

    Quarterly Management Meeting

    We meet with your IT Manager to discuss your business needs and the technology solutions to achieve them, and we provide assistance in budget planning for future IT needs.

    Remote Control

    To best support issues that come up, we can remotely control your computer to “see what you see” when fixing a problem.

    Security and Patch Management

    This is a critical measure today to keep systems protected and performing well.

    Total Network Management

    We provide a complete and proactive network management solution, not just the break-fix approach that some technology companies take.


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